Public School 2.X (Do You Want to Build a Vision?)

Dream for a moment about a new vision for schools. If we could wipe the slate clean and let students, parents, and teachers take the lead and share their voices… read more

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An Endless Collection of Preschool Activities

A wealth of teaching and learning ideas for preschool teachers and parents. Activity plans are based on season, community, family, outdoors and much more. Books, rhymes, art projects and recipes are grouped by theme for easy planning.

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How to Keep Your Child Happy at Preschool

As fun as preschool is, it’s stressful for little ones to be away from Mom and Dad all day. Consider some ways to make the transition easier.

1. Let your child know what to expect.Find out about the school. Put yourself in a good position to answer your child’s questions and to listen to his or her fears. Specific topics to cover:

*Daily routines, including dropping off and picking up. Many classrooms post a visual daily schedule.

* Teachers’ names

* Snack time and lunch time

Knowing these details will help to make preschool a familiar place in your child’s mind.

2.Stay and play awhile.Before your child’s first day, include your child on a tour of the new preschool, and stay long enough for them to get comfortable in the space. Later on, talk about the exciting toys and new friends.

3. Read books about preschool. A special trip to the library should yield plenty of options.

4. Avoid distractions at pickup time. Put your phone away and take a minute to de-stress so that you can be in a happy, welcoming frame of mind when you pick up your child. Enjoy listening to the day’s adventures!

With planning, love and patience, your child will learn to cope with separation and play happily at preschool. Visit this website to learn more about pre kindergarten in Cary.

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Books Are Fuel for Hungry Minds

Young children’s minds are always hungry to learn. Feed their growing desire by reading a wide variety of engaging, educational books to your kids. Keep it fun by choosing classic and modern titles.

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Four Questions for New Teachers

Last week, I got to do something I believe is relatively extraordinary: participate, as speaker, at a Rally for Music Education at Michigan State University. It was a great event–free pizza and cookiesread more

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3 Ways to Make Your Preschooler’s Day

Parents and teachers of preschoolers want every day to be the best day possible. Try these three tried-and-true tips for making each day great.

1. Make sure your kiddo gets plenty of sleep.

A tired preschooler is a cranky, grumpy mess of tears. Tuck your little one in by eight o’clock in the evening and let him sleep for ten hours. His body will recharge, and he’ll have the energy to put on a happy face in the morning.

2. Give your child healthy meals.

Experts say that healthy food makes healthy kids, so be sure to feed your child a balanced, nutritious diet. Try these ideas for breakfast before preschool:

•    All-natural yogurt with fresh fruit and whole wheat toast
•    Real, old-fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon sprinkled on top
•    Scrambled eggs with avocado and an English muffin

3. Show your love with quality time together.

Set aside time each evening for quality time spent one-on-one with your preschooler. Cuddle up on the couch together and read a picture book, kick a ball around the yard or take the dog for a walk.

Ultimately, you know what makes your child tick and what is best for him. The love and care he receives at home will help carry him through the day at preschool. Visit this website to learn more about good habits to having a good day at kids school in San Jose.

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